Behold: The Tablifier

26 Dec 2022

Ok ok so:

Preparing for #dungeon23, Part 2: System

16 Dec 2022

Previously I wrote about my principles for #dungeon23 and the distractions and pitfalls I’m hoping to avoid. I’m going to refer to these in this post, so here’s a quick recap:

Preparing for #dungeon23, Part 1: Principles

14 Dec 2022

People are getting excited about #dungeon23. I am one of them! In this post I’m going to share my thinking on the framework I’m putting together for doing mine.

Adventure Design by Spell Level: Level 1

30 Nov 2022

I bet this isn’t very original, but it occured to me that spell levels is a good way of guaging, approximately, what an adventuring party is capable of in old-type D&D. Specifically, looking at the highest-level spells a magic-user will be able to cast tells you about the most impressive trick a party can single-handedly pull once. Thus an appropriately challenging adventure can be designed, for instance, by requiring that trick be pulled twice. Meanwhile in bigger adventure settings, like megadungeons, where the party is expected to extract and return multiple times, they can accomplish these several times over. The point is not to design adventures 1:1 around your party’s spell caster(s), but rather to treat the effects of one of their most powerful spells as an approximate measure of situation that will impose a significant resource drain. Note that I’m theorycrafting here and none of this is tested. I could be totally off here.

Castle Millenium: Fatima

24 Nov 2022

The only certain thing about Fatima is she has been around since the Castle was built, for contemporary accounts place her in Emperor’s entourage in those days. The Emperor always kept her close, her rooms the nearest to the royal apartments, or her tend neighbouring his on campaign. She is in every play and painting of the ceremonies of castle life, always just off center, just outside the action, often holding a candle. The few living artists who can explain their work simply cite artistic tradition.

Some Notes on Castle Millenium

24 Nov 2022


No one remembers why people in the castle seem to age slower than usual. Some suggest that the age of the castle itself impresses itself on the soul, imbuing it with a metaphysical slowness that is repeated by the body. Others cite stories that the castle’s mortar was made from the bones of elves and radiates their supranatural longevity. Or perhaps there is something in the water.

An Open Letter to the Artists on Twitter

20 Nov 2022

If you are one of the artists still on Twitter, talking about how you want people to stick with you there because its possible collapse will harm your business, I have two unsolicited and mostly unqualified thoughts on the matter:

Recursive Dice Roller

11 Nov 2022

Odds of confirmation per check
Max rolls:

One-Scene Adventures

9 Nov 2022

I’m looking for ways to run one-shot adventures that not only can you actually complete in one session, but in a short session with relatively unfocused players – because that’s how I’ve been playing lately. Ideally, I want these sessions to be well enough encapsulated to feel complete, and I want them to have interesting stakes, both fictionally and tactically.

Mythic Bastionland Playtest Post-Mortem

29 Oct 2022

It has been well over a month since I’ve been able to run a session of Mythic Bastionland and my schedule being what it is, I don’t know when I will have the time and energy to run games online again. Instead, I thought I’d do a sort of post-mortem on the four sessions I did run (the fourth, sadly, was never written up).

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