This is a writeup of Session 7 of Miranda Elkins’ Cuccagna campaign, where we exploring and plundering the mysteriously abandoned manse of the famous wizard Prospero the Blue. It was hastily written up for record keeping purposes during play and may make for poor reading. If this campaign sounds like fun to you, there are still spots available. Consider joining in!


  • Bold text: NPC or monster
  • Italics: Location or feature
  • Underline: Treasure


Player Characters

PC Class and level Player
Prospero the Violet Magic-User 1 A.
Wren the Weird & Purple Changeling 1 M.
Graciela the Good Cleric 2 B.
Petra Dwarf 1 KC
John Napkin Fighter 1 MCB
Antonio ‘The Fib’ Anfibio Frogling 1 D.

Hirelings brought along

Hireling Class / Type Employer
Dame Losaneta Fighter Prospero the Violet
2 porters   Wren
Açittus Fighter Graciela


During downtime Graciela spends a bunch of money carousing and reaches level 2. Our party’s first!

We bring the journal to Prospero the Green. He gives us a banded chest with 500 gp offers to take Prospero the Violet on as his apprentice. As we are leaving Prospero the Violet turns back and asks Prospero the Green if he knows his name. Green answers, “I know what you think you are called.”

Prospero the Violet: “Really? So you know I go by… Proserpino the Lavender?”

The masquerade accomplished we return to the Lapis Vaults.

Back to level 2!

Or we would go back to level 2 but we’re interrupted by two glass men. (Make 2 fist attacks) Our hirelings meet them but don’t manage to hurt them much. Prospero the Violet casts Light, blinding one, but the fighters fail to hurt the other before he beats Açittus to a bloody pulp (to death). Wren moves to fill his place with Claw, her shiny new +2 sword. The dice stop hating us and we finally shatter the remaining glass man.

Graciela says a prayer over the fallen Açittus and then loots his body. Antonio shows up.


And then we have another encounter

This time with Caliban! He was mad that someone stole all his things, and also that we were looting bodies in his house.

Prospero the Violet: Esteemed Master-Servant, we are simply checking an intruder in your master’s house for airborne toxins and bombs! </br> Caliban: Master?! This is my house!! </br> P the V: Ah yes, sorry I forgot we established that because I have amnesia.1

Caliban doesn’t believe Prospero the Violet has amnesia, and accuses him of probably having stolen “[his] sword, and the other items in [his] treasure!” Graciela responds that the monopods did it. Prospero the Violet pipes up that Graciela also has amnesia and the Blemmyes did it. Caliban storms off.

Worried for the monopods and unsure who Caliban is going to go get revenge against, we run back to warn them that Caliban might be coming to get them. Then, finally, we set out for level 2 when

Miranda rolls another wandering monster

This time it’s 4 glass men! Fuck that!!

We take the stairs down to the basement instead

We’ve never been here before! There’s a big room with gardening equipment a cart in it somehow. Wren inspects the ceiling, and as they do notices something retreating south away from our torchlight.

We all advance southward and see a Blemmye retreating into a cave. Tracking him, we see he is of the variety of Blemmye whose face is on its back. He ignores our entreaties to parley.

Me: Maybe these Blemmyes are tsundere and they just need to warm up to us.</br> Miranda: Or maybe they’re yandere and you’re fucked.

We lose the Blemmye in the cave and try a door nearby. Graciela tries to follow him through. Upon pulling the door’s ring a dart shoots out of the ceiling and hits her in the head. She makes her save vs. Death and makes it through with a bit of dizziness and a quick bout of vomiting. We find the string connecting the door to the trap mechanism, cut it, and move through.

At this point Prospero the Violet begins to worry they’re being led into a trap and suggests we spike the door. Wren, fortunately, brought spikes so we do that. John Napkin uses his mirror to peer around the corner, but it’s dark so his normal human eyes can’t see anything. Petra tries with her dwarf eyes instead and sees the room is full of 6 huge casks!! Petra somehow knows they are full of wine and estimates all the casks together would be worth 3000 gp. Not knowing any safe way to get these up the stairs and out of the dungeon, we continue exploring the caverns.

We come to a chamber full of iridescent stalactites. These put Petra’s dwarf-senses on edge. Graciela smacks one and everyone has to save vs. Paralysis. A loud resonant sound emits from it, causing those of us who failed to become wracked with auditory and visual hallucinations that looks like a WinAmp visualization. After a turn we regain our senses.

The cavern is cross-shaped and we elect to explore further south. The cavern narrows and Petra notices a concealed pit trap in the way! Wren suggests we trigger it to see if anything is inside. John Napkin throws a rock at it, triggering it and causing hidden bells to ring – but nothing comes to attack us. The pit, sadly, is empty.

We press on further and come to a fork. Petra scouts ahead and sees the south branch leads to a room full of Blemmyes as well as poles with something mounted on them.

We head back to the cross-shaped cavern and check out the west branch. Coming into a room, the non-humans sound a buzzing sounds “as though from either a large number of bees, or a smaller number of larger bees”, especially from the north. We go south.

We come to a room with a pool of some shiny substance that looks like oil, as well as some machine of unknown purpose with tubes running into the pool, as well as a few barrels. Dribbling water on the liquid it seems to confirm that appearance. Our porters take one of the barrels.

Exploring north we find a passage that forks 3 ways. The western branch seems to be clogged up with webs, undermining Prospero the Violet’s theory that heading West will yield an exit.

We’re all getting sleepy at this point

We return to the wagon at the entry to the basement to check if it has a false bottom. It doesn’t.

We succeed in rolling one of the big barrels out of the dungeon and call it a night. Wizards back in The Great Wenn refer to it as “black blood of the Earth”. We’re oil barons now!

Take division

  • Per PC: 185 xp, 230 gp, 7 sp, 6 cp
  • Per hireling: 93 xp, 115 gp, 3 sp, 8 cp


  • Açittus


  • Big barrel of wine (500 gp)
  • Barrel of “black blood” (500 gp)

Monsters Defeated

  • 2 glass men
  1. He doesn’t.