Two hirelings for the price of one. Sallow, dim-eyed, and all patched up. Their only adornment are their matching gold teeth – Grommel’s left canine, Coriander’s right. Coriander’s face is round like a bowl. Grommel has long shaggy hair and bangs so messy it’s a surprise he can see. They conceal a thief’s brand on his forehead.

Grommel: 1 HD, AC 14 (Patched-up leathers), ATK shortbow (1d6), dagger (1d4). SP: Dex 17, makes attacks at +2 to hit

Coriander: 1 HD, AC 10, ATK concealed dagger (1d4). Gear: Baggy cloak, paper, charcoal, 3 candles, 3 torches, 4 daggers, tinderstick.

Whenever the party checks for surprise, Coriander make a separate check of her own at +1. If she succeeds, neither she nor Grommel are surprised even if the rest of the party is. Detects secret doors as an Elf.

Grommel and Coriander will charge the rate of a single man-at-arms but will only work under the following terms: they stick together, they won’t set foot anywhere their employer won’t, they will not engage in hand-to-hand combat. Last of all, “Cory lights, Grommel fights.” They are competent, canny, friendly, and quite loyal as long as these stipulations are observed.

In combat, Coriander whispers constantly to Grommel. She is telling him enemy looks most vulnerable (generally this is the enemy has the lowest combined HP and AC). If the party hesitates, falls into disorder, or gives Grommel obviously bad instruction, he takes his orders from Coriander instead.

If they ever feel they are in excessive danger or fail a morale check, they flee. Coriander has an eidetic memory and will remember the precise route she travelled. This ability can be put to other uses, but she does not advertise it; she would rather keep its benefits for herself and Grommel.

Grommel has kleptomania. He satisfies it with small tokens - given the opportunity, he will snatch a ration or a single coin from the party once a day. He does not wish to make a life of thieving, but it seems to make one for him. The twins deny Grommel’s actions fervently. Coriander helps cover his tracks.

Grommel and Coriander are saving up to buy a farm somewhere they can be left alone. If they make enough to do so without having received some offer of a promotion or significantly better pay, they will quietly take their leave between jobs. They may return someday, having been driven out – under accusations of theft at Grommel, or witchcraft at Coriander.